Quick FiXOS!

Make your computer work as fast as it should:

  • Defragment the system disk regularly
  • Check Disk for errors
  • Update your computer on a daily basis
  • Install an antivirus


Q: How do I make my computer perform at light speed?

No money...
  • Defragment
  • Update Drivers
  • Check Disk
  • Disk Cleanup
  • Add more RAM
  • Add Graphics Card
More Money...
  • Add better processor
  • Add Solid State Disk

FiXOs for YOU!

I Cannot Print from the Web
Most of us have had the need to print tickets or documents that we ordered or downloaded from the web. If your computer's pop-up blocker is turned on, this can cause you to not be able to print. There are also PDF documents that are rights protected by passwords and therefore not printable.
Allow temporary pop-ups. You can find legitimate programs that can break the code in a protected PDF document, but they are usually only legal to use if you or your workplace have the copyright to the document.
My computer turns off by itself
Typically this is due to dying power supply, bad cable connections, defective battery or overheating when the computer shuts down by itself to cool down.
Check first of all that the cables are properly connected. If the computer is very hot, check if the fan needs cleaning of dust. If it is a laptop, check whether your battery has deteriorated over time and may need to be replaced.

I get bombarded with adware and my home page has changed
Many do not notice that they often accept a new toolbar when they download free programs such as Adobe Reader. For example Adobe Reader now offers the Google Chrome internet browser as part of its download. Whilst Adobe and Google are reputable companies, other free downloads may install toolbars or other applications that can contain malicious code that hijacks your browser and changes all the settings. So your home page for example is changed to another website that you can't then change back. At the same time, annoying pop-up messages with advertisements for products you've never asked for are constantly displayed on screen every time you try to browse the internet.
Read the conditions before downloading a new program and pay attention to what you allow. If damage is done, it can be difficult to remove the program. The best bet is to follow the instructions found when looking for information about the specific problem on Google. There are probably others who have had the same challenge and have described the solution on the internet. If you are not so technical, professional PC support may be the solution.
I cannot get online
Internet connection problems can be caused by many different things. The most common are network misconfigurations, hardware or software errors in the router, latency from your Internet Service Provider, incorrect IP address configuration, incorrect connection of network cables, firewall applications that block http traffic from your PC or temporary timeouts your ISP.
Check that the Wi-Fi is enabled on your computer - laptops often have a button, switch or Function key combination somewhere on your computer or keyboard. Check that the network icon on your computer is connected or if there is a yellow warning signal or it is disabled. If it is connected, call your network provider or get hold on someone with more knowledge on IT.

If Wi-Fi is disabled, you must check whether the cable is connected properly or if wifi is not on. If there is a yellow warning, you must reboot the router. If this does not work, try pressing Start in Windows XP, Vista or 7 and typing "cmd" into the search box and click enter. Then a black box pops up where you can type "ipconfig / release" then "ipconfig / renew". If the internet is not working now, call your ISP.